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Certified Power Solutions specializes in designing, assembling, and testing custom gas, diesel and electric hydraulic power units. Our engineers have years of experience designing reliable power units by utilizing our in-house power unit analytical tools and solid modeling to help meet your unique requirements. We offer complete solutions from conceptualization and sizing to component selection and performance modeling. We also offer energy saving recommendations during the design phase.

We design and manufacture a wide range of industrial AC- and DC-powered hydraulic power units from fractional to hundreds of horsepower, utilizing industrial standard (JIC, vertical, etc.) and custom-designed reservoirs. Our trained hydromechanical technicians can test your power unit and flush it to your specified ISO cleanliness code. We use high-quality components and well-controlled production processes (ISO 9001 certified) to ensure your satisfaction.

CPS has the capabilities to provide you with exactly what you need to get the job done. We serve diverse markets including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Construction
  • Marine

Visit our markets page to learn more about the markets we serve.

Gas Power Unit

In-stock gas power units

Our gas-powered power units are standardized for multiple outdoor applications including construction machinery, conveyors and marine applications. Three sizes of in-stock power units are available for immediate delivery to you.

Custom Gas Power Unit

Custom gas power units

CPS designs our custom gas-powered power units to fit into the tongue of a roller trailer and power the up-and-down trailer tilting mechanism. Custom units are commonly used in roll-off applications.

Industrial Power Unit

Industrial power units

Industrial power units from CPS are small and portable. Our simple and inexpensive units are used in a wide variety of plant applications.

SPX Flow Power Units

Standard small HP AC and DC power units

CPS stocks a wide variety of SPX flow power units and components, available for quick delivery.

Customized Power Unit for End-of-the-Line Testing

Custom power units

For a large OEM customer, CPS designed and assembled a custom power unit used for end-of-the-line testing. The unit includes automated controls and instrumentation for self-monitoring. Contact CPS to learn about linking a customized power unit to your maintenance department.

Power Unit with Hydraulic Accumulator

CPS designed and assembled a custom power unit for a short, high flow event. An integrated hydraulic accumulator (energy storage device) mounted on the power unit provides a burst of power for high demand, short duration events.

CPS Customized Power Unit

To ensure the temperature of oil is maintained in a narrow band during testing applications, CPS designed and assembled a customized power unit with precise temperature controls including a heater and heat exchanger.