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Using industry-leading products and engineered solutions, Certified Power Solutions has been providing fluid power solutions to mobile fluid power markets for over 50 years. Our approach is to work closely with you to determine and develop optimized solutions for your exact needs. Our success is measured by the markets and customers we serve. If it has wheels or tracks, we have the power to move it.

CPS has extensive experience in providing mobile fluid power solutions and mobile hydraulics to the following markets:

  • Aerial devices
  • Agriculture
  • Construction machinery
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Specialty markets (oil drilling and fracking)

Visit our markets page to learn more about the markets we serve.

Aerial devices

Our valves are used in aerial devices to safely lift utility workers. The valves can control the lift from below or in the bucket. Load-holding valves control pressure to ensure smooth operation.

Agriculture Mobile Fluid Power Solutions


CPS designs, builds, and tests custom manifolds used on thousands of farm machines operating around the world. Large sprayers use our custom manifolds for steering and boom controls.

Construction Machinery - Mobile Fluid Power Solutions

Construction machinery

Construction machinery uses hydraulic power for various purposes: hydrostatic drives propel the vehicles; cylinders lift large loads; and pumps and motors actuate conveyors, buckets and outriggers. Nearly all construction machines produced today use integrated control systems.


Like modern construction machinery, new forestry equipment utilizes high-pressure hydraulics integrated with electronic control systems for precise control.

Mining Equipment - Mobile Fluid Power Solutions

Mining equipment

CPS services hydraulic machinery used on mining equipment operating in tough environments. We specialize in rebuilding and re-chroming large cylinders and repairing hydrostatic transmissions, pumps, motors and valves.

Fracking Trucks - Mobile Fluid Power Solutions

Fracking trucks

CPS repairs trucks working in the fracking industry. Fracking trucks use hydrostatic transmissions and integrated electronic controls to finely control the fracking mix process.

Drilling Equipment Mobile Fluid Power Solutions

Drilling equipment

Drilling rigs use CPS hydraulic equipment and repair services to maintain pumps, motors, filtration and power units. CPS repair facilities can repair nearly all of an oil rig’s hydraulic components.