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Our expertise does not stop with mobile fluid power. At Certified Power Solutions, we’ve been providing industrial fluid power solutions for over 50 years. Surprisingly, industrial fluid power applications and associated products are usually unique from mobile hydraulic products. CPS has the required experience and product lines to provide fluid power products and system solutions to support industrial applications. Typical examples of applications supported by CPS industrial hydraulics include:

  • Material handling
  • Large, special test equipment
  • Machine tools and presses
  • Packaging machinery
  • Recycling machinery and crushers
  • Metalworking machinery
  • AC or DC custom power units

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Injection Molding Machinery

Injection molding machinery

CPS designs and manufactures custom high-pressure hydraulic power units and manifold assemblies for operation in injection molding machines.

Recycling Machinery Industrial Fluid Power Solutions

Recycling machinery/crushers

Cardboard and paper bailers, metal compactors, and other machinery used for crushing material into a compact form for recycling, use high-pressure hydraulic power units, industrial valves and manual and/or electronic control systems.

Machine Tools & Presses

Machine tools and presses

CPS engineers and designers work closely with manufacturing and product engineers to develop industrial hydraulic power components used in metal-working industrial plants.

Material Handling Industrial Fluid Power Solutions

Material handling

Factories rely on compact and powerful hydraulic components and systems for their material handling applications. The next time you need a small hydraulic power unit, actuator, motor, and/or hydraulic hoses, contact CPS.

Packaging Industrial Fluid Power Solutions

Packaging machinery

CPS distributes a wide range of pneumatic valves, regulators, filters, and safety valves used in packaging equipment.