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Engineering is the art of applying science. High-quality engineering requires technical expertise, creative problem-solving skills and disciplined project management — Certified Power Solutions excels in all of these areas.

CPS offers a wide range of engineering capabilities and services: from designing small custom manifolds, standalone PLUS+1 control systems and open-loop hydraulic circuits, to developing complex, fully integrated electro-hydraulic control systems. We represent product lines from the industry’s top-tier manufacturers and we’re able to design, integrate, assemble, and test high-performance solutions for you at the lowest overall cost.

  • Hydraulics and fluid power design

    • Mobile systems: hydrostatics and open loop
    • Custom power units
    • Integrated custom manifolds
    • Component selection and optimization: sectional valves, pumps, motors and actuators
  • Mechanical engineering and design

  • Electronics

    • Panel design
    • Instrumentation
    • Wiring and harnesses
    • CAN bus control systems application and programming
    • Software design and engineering
    • PC board design and embedded software control
    • Custom control consoles, overlays and switch packages
    • Wiring system and harness design and manufacturing
    • Graphic display programming and user interface design and applications
  • Controls and software

    • Danfoss PLUS+1 GUIDE
    • CoDeSys
    • PLC programming
    • NI LabVIEW
    • Freedom
    • Cirus
  • Project management for complex systems integration

  • In-house and field-testing

  • Engineering design and validation tools

    • SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD
    • FEA software
    • Comprehensive engineering lab and testing equipment using national instruments hardware and LabVIEW DAQ software
    • Vibration
    • Temperature

Diesel fuel filtration systems

Because of stringent Tier 4 diesel engine emissions requirements, diesel fuel filtration systems are required to keep diesel fuel clean and dry. Consider one of these systems if you use large amounts of diesel fuel to operate your expensive agricultural, mining or forestry equipment. Filtration systems are being used more and more to filter fuel for emergency backup generators at facilities like hospitals, where engine reliability is crucial.

CPS custom designed the diesel fuel filtration system pictured and installed the system at a diesel fuel storage facility in North Dakota. Extra filtration ensures that fuel is polished as it enters and exits the fuel storage tanks. The system is capable of drying and cleaning the fuel at a rate of 280 gpm.

Sun Hydraulics Quick Design Software

QuickDesign by Sun Hydraulics

CPS uses QuickDesign software from Sun Hydraulics to design custom manifolds. Using this tool, CPS engineers can design a custom manifold in less than an hour and provide you a completed BOM and quotation within hours.

Danfoss Custom Software Engineering

Custom panels using Danfoss PLUS +1 software

Our software engineering department can program these Danfoss 700 panels to display a wide variety of data from instrumentation on your machines. We use the PLUS+1 software to model your panel’s design, which helps you visualize an almost unlimited number of options for your application.

Custom Manifold Assembly

Custom manifold assembly

Using a custom manifold assembly cell, CPS technicians quickly assemble cartridges into a manifold. The technicians use a computer-controlled servo torque wrench to ensure the proper torque is applied to each cartridge.

National Instruments LabVIEW Software


CPS uses National Instruments data acquisition hardware programmed with LabVIEW software on several of our test validation machines. The CPS manifold test system automatically flushes, leak tests, and functionally tests up to four complex manifolds simultaneously.

Test Stands - Engineered Solutions

Test stands

CPS designs and programs test stands. Our stand to test larger sectional valves (up to eight sections at once) is controlled and monitored via LabVIEW software and not by mechanical controls and dials. CPS engineers program the LabVIEW software.

In-House Testing - Engineered Solutions

In-house testing

CPS performs in-house testing of every engineered system. With the ability to test everything from gas/diesel power units, industrial sumps, hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and closed-loop systems, we can validate and prove out every solution. The sectional valve test system displays a control panel and data acquisition screen.

SOLIDWORKS Computer Aided Modeling Software


CPS uses the SOLIDWORKS program to design engineered solution systems. Using the computer-aided modeling program, CPS engineers designed an integrated custom manifold on a motor with a gearbox. The design integrates several components into one assembly, minimizes consumed space and optimizes power density.