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Watch and use our training videos to get the most out of your Certified Power Solutions electronic spreader control systems, plow control systems, hydraulics, Winter Road Maintenance System and accessories.

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MK2.2 - Trimming a Mako 2

HYD.4 - Modular Valve Manual Override

HYD.3 - PV72-20, PV72-30, PV70-30 Manual Override

XDS.2 - Drop Test/Measured Dump on an XDS

HYD.2 - PFC 10/12 Manual Override

FR2.5 - Trimming a Prewet on a Freedom 2

FR2.3 - Trimming a Feeder/Auger on a Freedom 2

FR2.1 - Loading a Permissions File on a Freedom 2

MK2.1 - Connecting a Mako 2 to PC

EZS.1 - Setting up an EZ Spread

HYD.1 - PVG 32/100 Manual Override

FR2.6 - Drop Test/Measured Dump on a Freedom 2

FR2.4 - Trimming a Spinner on a Freedom 2

FR2.2 - F.I.R.S.T Guide Walk Through on a Freedom 2

XDS.1 - Loading a Configuration File on an XDS

SSR.1 - Drop Test on a SpreadSmart Rx/7in. Non-Touch/Toggle Keypad

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