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To fit your customer’s or organization’s needs, Certified Power Solutions offers entry-level to top-of-the-line electronic spreader control systems for snowplow trucks.

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SpreadSmart Rx™ electronic spreader control system 10-inch dual display used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

SpreadSmart Rx™ — Electronic spreader control

When it comes to electronic spreader controls, your winter maintenance vehicles require accuracy, power and performance. Offering sophisticated technology such as temperature-controlled spreading, integrated load and rate management and Wi-Fi data transfer compatibility, the SpreadSmart Rx™ provides industry-leading precision and easy operation. What’s more, the SpreadSmart Rx is designed with AVL ready hardware providing the capacity to advance your system technology as needed.

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XDS 7-inch color LCD touchscreen used in snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

XDS™ — Electronic spreader control

The XDS™ is a full-featured advanced spreader control system using CAN-bus technology. System capabilities include standard spreader functions and dual spreader (tow plow), material positioning spinner control, and dynamic gate control used by advanced spreader designs. Integrated systems with a multi-function joystick or up to 4 individual joysticks are also available.

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DualSpread™ electronic spreader control system control unit used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

DualSpread™ — Electronic spreader control

The Dual Spread™ control system provides simple, accurate open- or closed-loop controls for spreading applications including granular and pre-wet. The Dual Spread offers 6 programmable rates for augers, spinners and liquid applications.

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Freedom 2™ electronic spreader control system module used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

Freedom 2™ — Electronic spreader control

The Freedom 2™ is an advanced 3-channel spreader control system capable of ground-speed-oriented control of the auger/conveyor units and pre-wet or anti-ice applications. The touchscreen allows for easy access to setup menus and the Freedom Interactive Rapid Setup Tutorial provides guidance on calibration. The spreader control system is data capable and summation totals are available through USB download. The Freedom 2 is designed to interact with AVL systems.

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EZ Spread™ electronic spreader control system control unit used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

EZ Spread™ — Electronic spreader control

The EZ Spread™ features reliable controls for basic spreading applications. Designed for granular and pre-wet applications, the EZ Spread electronic spreader control system from Certified Power Solutions combines core functionality with user-friendly operation.

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