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With today’s performance and efficiency requirements, it’s important to select hydraulic valves that meet your machine’s specific requirements. Certified Power Solutions maintains an extensive inventory of mobile and industrial sectional valves, and we have the expertise to help you choose the right one.

Our custom hydraulic manifolds and cartridge valves meet the most challenging requirements for size, performance, leak point minimization, ease of pluming, installation time and cost-effectiveness. Our engineers and technicians have the know-how to design and control your machine’s functions for maximum performance and productivity.

Custom HIC Manifold

Custom (HIC) manifolds

CPS is an industry leader in customized manifold design. When flexibility is a requirement, our team of experienced engineers is ready to handle simple to complex hydraulic circuits. Our custom manifolds are tailor-made for ease of installation, size, weight and performance. We use many of our premier partners to select the best fit cartridge valve for your application.

To add value and performance to any assembly, we have extensive experience in designing hybrid inlets to work with your sectional valve bank. CPS has the tools and software to design and engineer your custom manifold.

Mobile and Industrial Sectional Valves

Sectional valves

Sectional valves in the mobile and industrial marketplace allow flexibility and control of your cylinder and motor functions. For the most efficient control in the marketplace, CPS carries products from leading manufacturers that will handle flows from 1 gpm to 300+ gpm on the inlet. Sectional valves are proven to handle the demanding requirements from the forestry, agriculture, construction and oil and gas industries.

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

Cartridge style valves

Cartridge valves provide unique flow, pressure, load holding and counterbalance or directional control. CPS will help you pick the best fit for your application. Cartridge valves allow for endless circuit opportunities, provide flexibility and can be installed into a line body, cylinder, pump or motor — if you have a cavity, we’ll have a valve for you. CPS maintains a large selection of valves representing the industry leaders in product, quality and performance.

Hydraulic Proportional Valves

Proportional valves

When proportional control is required, we have a complete line of valves from industrial D03, D05, D08 to mobile sectional valves and cartridge styles. CPS is ready to design and apply the best solution for your application.

Hydraulic Mobile Valves

Mobile valves

Our mobile valve products include sectional or monoblock from manual, electric including CAN bus, and hydraulic or pneumatic piloted. For the demanding mobile market, CPS has valves that can withstand the harshest environments. If you are looking to control 1 gpm to 300+ gpm on the inlet, our experienced sales and engineering staff will help you specify your custom valve configuration for optimal control and performance while providing the ultimate value to you.

Industrial Valves

Industrial valves

CPS carries a complete line of industrial valves including D03, D05 and D08 with many more in-between. When you need to control motion for your in-plant application, we have the right valve for you. If you need On/Off or proportional control with AC or DC voltage requirements, let one of our application specialists help with your machine design requirements.

Hydraulic Ball Valves

Ball valves

We stock a wide range of ball valves from bronze and brass to steel and stainless steel with countless porting and construction options.