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Certified Power Solutions stocks hydraulic parts from industry-leading manufacturers. Combined with our experienced sales and engineering team, we are equipped to meet all of your hydraulic system components needs, from pumps, motors and valves to coolers, filtration and accessories. Our customized hydraulic circuits and affordable parts and components ensure that your hydraulic system is the most reliable and productive in the market.

Hydraulic Pump


The pump is the key component of any hydraulic system. We carry three types of hydraulic pumps: gear, piston and vane. Open- or closed-circuit, electronic or hydraulic torque limiting, electronic displacement control, or pressure comp load sense — no matter what type you are looking for, CPS has the right pump for your application needs and desired performance. We stock pumps ranging from .25 in3/rev to over 18 in3/rev and larger.

Hydraulic Motors


Our hydraulic motors deliver the highest power density ratio and are a perfect fit for the mobile and industrial marketplace. For your most demanding applications, CPS has many high-performing and cost-effective motor options including gear, low-speed high-torque gerotor/gerollar, vane motors and high-pressure, high-speed open- and closed-loop piston motors. Our sales and applications teams are ready to help you find the right motor for your application.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder


CPS provides standard and custom cylinders with welded, tie rod and telescopic construction for all of your applications. In the industrial and mobile marketplace, we are experienced with using counterbalance valves and smart sensors to monitor position with our electronic controls.

Sectional & Catridge Hydraulic Valves

Valves and manifolds

CPS partners with the leaders in the sectional and cartridge valve markets. Our customized approach allows us to use the best fit product for your specific application requirements. As an OEM, our configurations range from simple to complex integrated circuits to give you the performance advantage you require.

CPS products use valves from best-in-class manufacturers and provide you the highest quality and performance. We incorporate into our assemblies hybrid inlets, filters, electronics and fittings to reduce the weight and size of the assembly. Our lighter and smaller assemblies increase product performance and reduce your costs.

Custom Hydraulic Power Unit

Power units

Our custom power units are designed by a highly technical engineering team and are built to exceed the performance requirements for each of your applications. Over the last 50 years of experience building electric, gas and diesel power units, we have developed the know-how to survive some of the most challenging applications. Our units are made to the highest quality and performance standards to improve your productivity in all applications and reduce your downtime.

Schroeder and Parker Hydraulic Filters


We carry accessories for all of your hydraulic needs. Liquid level sight gauges, filler breathes, pressure gauges, oil level devices, filters, bell housings, couplings, flanges, pressure switches, reservoirs and test points are just a few of the accessories that we stock.