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Industrial hoses from Flextral are perfect for all your non-hydraulic hose needs. The hoses safely transfer air, water, powders, materials, DEF fluid, chemicals, foods and fuel and are used in a wide range of work environments including indoors, outdoors and in extreme temperatures. The durable and abrasion resistant hoses operate in numerous pressure and suction applications.

To learn more about the CPS line of industrial hoses, visit Flextral.

Flextral Air Hose

Air hose 

Air/water, jackhammer, cold temperature, or multi-purpose hose

  • AR10 General purpose air/water 200
  • AR11 Black 200 general purpose air/water
  • AR15 “Hammerhead” jackhammer
  • AR20 General purpose air/water 300
  • AR30 Multi-purpose
  • AR32 Arctic Air
  • AR40 300 psi PVC air hose
  • J3 Rubber cover push-on 300 psi
  • J4 HT rubber cover push-on hose 300 psi
  • AR49 Polyurethane air hose
  • AR50 Wolverine air hose
  • AR55 Recoil hose assemblies
  • AR60 Wire reinforced air
  • AR61 Wire reinforced air (HTHD)
  • AR65 Extra Service Aire 400 air
  • AR67 Contractors 300 air
  • MS20 Yellow marine spray hose
Flextral Water Hose

Water hose

Golf course, general purpose, LayFlat, Iron River standard duty, fast delivery, discharge, industrial mill discharge, potable water, suction, papermill washdown, spray, pressure wash hoses

GH10 Golf course hose
AR11 General purpose air/water hose
WA10, WA12, WA13, WA14 LayFlat hose
WA20, WA22 Iron river standard duty
WA92, WA95 Long length, fast delivery hose
WA30, WA31 Rubber discharge hose
WA35, WA38 Industrial mill discharge hose
WA40, WA50 Potable water hose
WA60 Suction hose
WA90 Papermill washdown hose
MS20 Spray hose
PJ4, SJ6 Pressure wash hoses

Flextral Petroleum Hose

Petroleum hose

Oilfield vacuum, tank truck, arctic bear tank truck, hot tar wand, truck drop, hot tar and asphalt, fuel-oil, farm, vapor recovery

PE08 Corrugated oilfield vacuum hose
PE10 Petro-Flex corrugated tank truck
PE10X Flextreme corrugated tank truck
PE12 Petro-Flex red tank truck
PE13 Petro-Flex LT red tank truck
PE14 Petro-Flex smooth cover tank truck
PE15 Arctic Bear corrugated tank truck
PE16 Flextreme Artic tank truck hose
PE17 Hot tar wand hose
PE27 Hot tar and ashpalt
PE19 Petro-Flex HD 300
PE22 Petro-Flex HD 500
PE20 Tank truck drop hose
PE21 Clear tank drop hose
PE44 Vapor recovery hose
PE30 Fuel-oil delivery
PE40 Farm tank
PE45 Arctic Wolf

Flextral Chemical Hose

Chemical hose

Suction and discharge, weed spray, teflon/stainless steel wire

CH10 High-chem
CH12 Flextreme corrugated
CH15 Chem-Tral
CH22 Chem-FEP
CH30 Weed spray
TBR Teflon hose smooth
TBX/TBX-C Teflon hose corrugated

Flextral Material Handling Hose

Material handling hose

Flex-Blast, gunite, concrete, hard wall material, soft wall dry material, hot air blower, vacuum, reverse circulation, material suction, frac hose, frac tank

MH10 Flex-Blast sandblast hose
MH15 HD green Flex-Blast sandblast hose
MH17 Gunite hose
MH20 Flex-Cord fabric placement hose
MH22 Flex-Crete wire
MH28 Hard wall material hose
MH30 Premium soft wall dry material hose
MH35 Hot Air blower hose
MH37 Hot air blower hose premium
MH50 Corrugated material conducting hose
MH60 Industrial vacuum hose
MH61 Industrial vacuum hose HT
MH62 Industrial vacuum hose drag
MH63 Industrial vacuum hose HD
MH64 Industrial vacuum hose static wire
MH65 Reverse circulation hose (RVC)
MH70 Bulk-Flex material suction hose
DR11 Frac hose with Pro Shield
DR12 Frac hose with Pro Sheild II
DR13 Frac hose with Pro Shield
DR14 Frac hose with Pro Shield II
DR30 Frac tank service hose

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Hose

DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) hose

PE60 Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
PE71 Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
PE75 Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

Flextral Marine Exhaust Hose

Marine hose

MR32 Marine exhaust softwall
MR36 Marine exhaust hardwall

Flextral Auto and Truck Hose

Auto and truck hose

Heater, coolant, fuel/oil, brake hoses

AU10 Auto heater hose
AU16 Silicone heater hose
AU20 Coolant hose
AU29 Silicone coolant hose
AU30 Silicone coolant hose
AU50 Auto fuel/oil
YK Air brake hose
Unicoil Custom bend accessory
J3 Rubber cover push-on 300 psi

Flextral Food and Beverage Hose

Food and beverage hose

Food grade and food transfer hose

AR41 Food grade PVC clearbraid
AR44 Clear food grade PVC tubing
AR45 Food grade PVC with wire helix
FB10 Food grade transfer hose

Flextral Composite Hose

Composite hose

Compo cargo and oil, fuel delivery, chemical, aggressive chemicals, rail and road tanker loading/unloading, in-plant use

CP10 Compo cargo and oil hose GG
CP12-HD Marine compo cargo and oil hose
CP17 Compo fuel delivery hose AP-100
CP19 Compo fuel delivery hose AP-150
CP18 Compo cargo vapor hose
CP20 Compo chem hose PG
CP22 HD Marine compo chem hose PG
CP40 Compo PTFE chem hose SS
Composite ferrules
Composite gaskets
Composite fixed flanges
Composite female and male camlocks
Composite male NPT ends
Composite victaulic ends

Flextral Steam Hose

Steam hose

ST10 Chlorobutyl steam hose
ST11 Chlorobutyl steam hose
ST15 EPDM steam hose

Flextral Ducting and Vacuum Hose

Ducting and vacuum hose

Indoor/outdoor ducting dust and fume extraction, sawdust or powders

DU22 Urethane clear – MD
VA20 Grey commercial VAC