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Flextral’s industrial adapters are well-suited for all of your non-hydraulic coupling needs. The adapters safely transfer air, water, powders, materials, DEF fluid, chemicals, foods and fuel and are used in a wide range of environments including indoors, outdoors and in extreme temperatures. Durable and abrasion resistant, Flextral’s industrial adapters are especially suited to pressure and suction applications.

Flextral Camlocks


Part A Female adapter
Part B Male coupler
Part C Hose tail coupler
Part D Female coupler
Part E Hose tail adapter
Part F Male adapter
Part DP Dust plugs
Part DC Dust caps
Part DCL Lockable dust caps
DA Coupler adapter
DD Double female adapter
AA Double spool adapter
DA 45o male x female adapter
DA 90o male x female adapter
DA Y adapter female x male x male adapter
Safety bumps
Camlock safety straps
HRP Handle, ring and pin
HD Auto locking arm camlocks
PP Polypropylene with locking arms
Camlock gaskets
PE45 Crimp-fuel couplings
Reusable gas pump fittings
Internal expansion couplings (Scovil style)
PE40 Fuel crimp fittings

Flextral Crimp X System


Crimp-X Bauer style couplings interchange 100% with all Bauer style quick couplings and are more competitively priced than Uber Bauer style and HD Bauer style.

Crimp-X Camlocks
Crimp-X Bauer
Crimp-X Combination nipples
Crimp-X Flange
Crimp-X Turn back
Crimp-X Sleeves
Crimp-X Ferrules

Flextral Frac Hose Fitting

Frac fittings

Frac hose fittings

Hammer unions

Flextral Air Fittings

Air fittings

UH Universal/Chicago couplings
QM DIX-LOCK quick couplings
PL Thor couplings
Air King clamps
MH Mine hose fittings

Flextral Bauer Fittings

Bauer fittings

BL Bauer style couplings (B style)
CNT Combination nipples
CNT Combination nipples expanding or reducing
Short Shank Couplings
FV Foot valves
HS Hose strainers

Flextral Industrial Hose Clamp

Industrial hose clamps

SBC Spiral bolt clamps
DBC Double bolt clamps
B/BU Ground joint clamps
P Preform punch type clamps
W2 Heavy-duty T-bolt clamps
GCM Micro gear clamps
GC Worm gear clamps
GCS Worm gear all stainless clamps
GCWC Ideal wave clamp
GCQR Quick release clamp

Flextral Ground Joint Coupling

Ground joint couplings

GJ Ground joint couplings
IC Premium ground joint coupling
B/BU Ground joint clamps

Flextral Pneumatic QDs - Industrial Adapters

Pneumatic QD

QD Industrial interchange D Series
QT Automotive interchange T Series
QAR-ARO interchange M Series
QL Long Lincoln interchange L Series

Flextral Sandblast Couplings & Fittings

Sandblast fittings

SQ/SN/STA Sandblast Couplings

Flextral Industrial Valve


BV Ball valves
BV-HP Ball valves high pressure
LGV Lever gate valves
SGV Stem gate valves
CVA Brass check valves
GVA Brass gate valves

Flextral Pipe Fitting

Pipe fittings

Pipe fittings — black iron
Hammer unions