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Certified Power Solutions has over 50 years of experience providing machine control systems to the mobile and industrial fluid power markets. We have a stellar track record and the know-how to provide solutions for many different applications. Our capabilities in the following fluid power markets are unmatched.

Hydraulic Components for Aerial Devices

Aerial devices

Our customers rely on CPS to solve their unique challenges and applications. We have engineered, successfully prototyped and supported aerial device projects from simple to complex. All of our solutions are unique and the best fit for each customer, making your application the most productive and reliable in the industry.

Agriculture and Farming Equipment Hydraulic Parts


Our customers that build farming equipment trust CPS systems and best-in-class products for performance and value. From augers and combine heads to propel, set up functions, electronics and telematics, we have the product and engineering support to exceed your requirements.

CPS has an extensive inventory of motors and our sales and applications teams are ready to help you find the right motor for your agricultural application.

Construction Equipment Hydraulic Parts


From large to small machines that help build our infrastructure, commercial buildings and houses to countless other specialty machines, CPS has the sales, engineering, technicians, procurement and warehousing teams to meet your need for components and complete hydraulic and electrical systems.

Manufacturing - Hydraulic System Components

Consumer industrial

With access to products from hundreds of manufacturers, CPS has the parts to keep your machines running.

Hydraulic & Electrical Systems for Drilling


CPS works with high shock load applications on a regular basis, and we have the ability to design and develop complete hydraulic and electrical systems to meet your challenging drilling performance requirements.

Hydraulic Components for Fire Trucks

Fire trucks

From aerials to pumpers, CPS has the valves, pumps, motors, manifolds, high-current modules, electronics, components and engineering skills to solve your most demanding requirements.

Hydraulic & Electric Systems for Forestry


CPS understands high shock load applications, and we have the ability to design and develop complete hydraulic and electrical systems, including ground drives to implements, to meet your challenging performance requirements.

Heavy Industrial Hydraulic Equipment

Heavy industrial

CPS has access to products from hundreds of manufacturers and the parts to keep your machines running.

Machine Tools - Hydraulic System Components

Machine tools

From custom power units to components, CPS has the right product to make your machine perform consistently and reliably. Our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff are here to work with you.

Marine Hydraulic Solutions


CPS works with dock lift systems and provides components for your unique needs in the marine market. Our customer service team has the solution for your tough application.

Hydraulic System Components for Packaging


CPS provides packaging solutions for large and small companies and offers you the flexibility of small to large production runs for a wide range of industries.

Hydraulic System Components for Paper Machinery

Paper machinery

From lubrication systems to valves, and pumps to motors, CPS has the engineering and sales staff to meet your existing, new and retrofit projects.

Hydraulic Systems for Recycling


You understand the need to recycle, whether it’s from a natural disaster cleanup or household items. CPS has complete hydraulic and smart electric systems for precise control and management of your machine.

Specialty Markets

Specialty markets

Our product lines and services can be tailored to any machine that needs hydraulic, pneumatic and/or electrical requirements. We welcome custom applications and have the sales and engineering teams in place to exceed your expectations.

Hydraulic Applications - Warehousing


CPS has numerous locations across the Midwest with specialized inventory to meet the local market demands. Keeping our inventory tailored to the local area increases product availability and reduces shipment time.

Snow and Ice Removal Equipment

Snow and ice removal and truck equipment

CPS designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes hydraulic components and systems, electronic controls, plow controls and innovative winter road maintenance data collection and reporting software to help maximize fleet performance year-round. Our products, support and services are available throughout North America.