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Flextral offers a diversified line of SAE- and ISO-compliant hose and fitting products, and their crimping equipment is engineered for safety, durability and ease of operation.

Flextral hose and fitting products are rigorously tested, and the entire line is continuously analyzed using proof and burst tests, abrasion tests and design-match-qualify processes. Flextral products are designed to meet or exceed the standards set by SAE, ISO, JIS, DIN and ASTM. Quality engineering and rigorous testing result in highly reliable products that remain dependable under the most demanding operating conditions.

The Flextral line includes products designed for specialized applications, USCG-approved hoses, hoses with a reduced bend-radius for greater flexibility, high abrasion resistant hose covers, non-conductive hoses, high- and low-temperature hoses, and a vast array of fittings and adapters including metric configurations. Whether you need a bank of high-pressure hydraulic hoses, industrial hose assemblies or a single USCG-approved hose for an offshore vessel, Flextral delivers reliable products that stand the test of time.

The Flextral System covers every aspect of the hose assembly process, so you can be comfortable and confident when using Flextral products for fluid power systems or other applications.

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Products offered: Hydraulic and industrial hose, fittings