Rugged, durable, high performance, efficient-the reason Continental Hydraulics’ products are used in some of the most challenging applications across the globe.

From mobile applications to machine tools, from the depth of sea of an oil-platform to space with a rocket launching system. High precision lathe machines, press brakes, agricultural machines, metal forming and many other Industrial applications, Continental Hydraulics can provide Certified Power’s customers with custom solutions to fit their specific needs.


  • Workhorse strong and church-mouse quiet.
  • Four fully interchangeable controls.


  • Directional control, flow control, pressure control, and modular stack valve products.
  • Sizes include NFPA D03 through D10 mount patterns with flows up to 290 GPM and pressures up to 5000 PSI.
  • Both custom and standard valve manifold products in ductile iron and aluminum materials complete the variety of products necessary to control your hydraulic system.

Power Units

  • Large Selection of standard catalog power units.
  • Custom Power Unit design and manufacturing.
  • 18-month warranty and nationwide local distributor support covers you coast-to-coast.

Proportional Products

  • Precision Proportional Valves with Matched Digital Electronics.
  • Available with or without integrated digital amplifiers.